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The Art of the Game

The result of a mutual attraction to game boards, The Art of the Game is a joint effort of Selby Shaver and Tim Chambers. The relationship, which quickly evolved into a friendship, began at a regional show in suburban Chicago in the mid 1990's.

Published in 2001, The Art of the Game is the first book devoted exclusively to game boards since the early 1980's. Available for $65 including shipping, this beautiful hardback full color book takes you on a journey through the art that is game boards.

The Art of the Game
Published in 2001

Selby as a long time collector of game boards was on a mission to increase his collection. As a dealer in game boards, Tim was prepared for the challenge. Seeking desirable boards became a full time undertaking. With a great deal of input from a network of dealer friends across the country, the collection began to take shape. As the collection grew it became apparent there was something here to be shared. At Selby's request the task of publishing the collection in book form was begun.

Art of the Game Image

Art of the Game Image

Through 189 different game boards photographed and indexed, the reader can view game boards from their simplest of forms, to pieces recognized as icons in the realm of game board collecting.

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